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MEADS Showcase Shines at Ft. Sill

MEADS International shared a glimpse of the future with soldiers at the U.S. Army Fires Center of Excellence this month with a display of MEADS major end items at the annual Fires Conference at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. Prominent outside Snow Hall were a MEADS launcher, Tactical Operations Center, and X-Band Multifunction Fire Control Radar (MFCR), along with MI resource personnel to explain their capabilities and development progress.

After recommending replacement of Patriot in 2003, Army personnel got a first chance to touch the improved system they envisioned with the start of MEADS Design and Development program in 2004.

Soldiers examine the lightweight MEADS Launcher.

In comments to the Lawton Constitution, Business Development Lead Ron Jones said there was a lot of interest among the air defenders attending the trade show, because they could actually see and touch the various pieces, which are now mature. While Army leadership has decided not to buy MEADS as a system, the Army has an eye on harvesting everything that’s great about the system to improve future air and missile defense capabilities.

Business Development Lead Ron Jones describes the
MFCR to Army leaders.

“They’re interested in newer radar technology … lighter weight launchers … battle management algorithms. All of this the U.S. has spent $2.4 billion developing over the last nine years, so there’s a lot of capability here. Hardware, software, algorithms that could be harvested, and the U.S. Army has set up a harvesting team to look at what’s available, what the maturity is and how they could go about doing that,” Ron said.

Equipped with plug-and-fight capabilities, all MEADS end items are designed to act as nodes on the MEADS network or other future integrated air and missile defense networks, providing increased capability and flexibility to the warfighter.

NAMEADSMA General Manager Gregory Kee explains the MEADS canister system, which allows the MEADS Launcher to self-load.

The Oklahoma stop was planned into transport plans that take the MEADS equipment to White Sands Missile Range for an upcoming flight test.

The MEADS Launcher and Tactical Operations Center were displayed next to the conference in Snow Hall.

John Laible, Syracuse MFCR Lead discusses MFCR capabilities during a rotation demonstration.

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