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MEADS Director: We’re Already There, Where Our Competitors Will Arrive Tomorrow

The offer for Poland is treated by the consortium very seriously. Upon all the reasons mentioned above – as a potential buyer – we are important for achieving a production success by the program, but also Poland is the first place for MEADS vs Patriot rivalry in history. The consortium is aware of its rising profile in the tender and its representatives are moderately optimistic. The MEADS International is offering – as the only one – an Euro-American product, acquisition of which would both strengthen relations with the US as well as with neighboring Germany. It would do so in political, industrial and military sphere. It would enable industrial cooperation with Lockheed Martin, MBDA Deutschland and MBDA Italy. MEADS International is also conscious that it is offering a system of highest technological capabilities and – taking in account the way it has passed – one that is close to implementation.

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