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Advanced Military Capabilities Of The Meads System – Opportunities For The Turkish Defense Industry

Defence Turkey: Mr. Mirko Niederkofler and Mr. Luis M. Villanueva, first of all thank you very much for your time. You have a crucial role in the ongoing MEADS program under the responsibility of the US, Germany and Italy. Could you please tell us briefly about the initiation story of the MEADS program, the project […]Read More »


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Technology Transfer is Key Part of MEADS Offer WARSAW, Jan. 31, 2017 – MEADS International (MI) presented an updated offer for Poland’s medium-range air defense (Wisła) program this week to the Ministry of National Defense. The presentation follows a year of active discussion with the Polish government regarding the security and industrial […]Read More »

Poland need not be defended by Patriots

Interview with Business Development Director Marty Coyne in Rzeczpospolita, 6 August 2015   Rz: Did the US decide to use the Patriot missile defense system from Raytheon, or the one developed by Lockheed Martin — MEADS? Marty Coyne: Washington’s initial plans were to replace the Patriot system with MEADS. However, budget constraints changed this. Several […]Read More »

The Tender Of The Century – A Choice By Politicians Or The Military?

More and more sources are suggesting that the ironclad frontrunner in the tender on the middle range air and missile defense system Wisła is the Raytheon company, offering the Patriot system. The Defense Ministry itself admits though that in its current shape, the system does not meet the requirements. What’s likely is that also the […]Read More »

Patriot: Uncertainties Abound

The Bundeswehr is seeking a successor system to replace its ageing PATRIOT air defence systems. It must choose between a MEADS-based system and an evolved PATRIOT system for the Luftwaffe’s future TLVS Tactical Air Defence System. The German Chief of Staff is due to make a selection decision by mid-2015 at the latest. In the […]Read More »

MEADS On The Most Important Battlefield – Germany

Germany have not decided yet about the direction for modernization of their air defense, a program called TLVS or Tactical Air Defense System (Ger: Taktisches LuftVerteidigunsSystem). In practical terms, there are only two options under consideration at the moment. The obstacle for the decision was a review of all modernization programs conducted on behalf of […]Read More »

Patriot In, MEADS Out For Poland’s Missile Defense System Competition

Jen Judson Posted on InsideDefense.com: July 9, 2014 Poland earlier this month selected offerings from Raytheon and the Eurosam consortium of Thales and MBDA to remain in its competition for a new air and missile defense system, ousting Lockheed Martin’s Medium Extended Air Defense System as well as Israel’s David’s Sling from further consideration. “We […]Read More »

MEADS Director: We’re Already There, Where Our Competitors Will Arrive Tomorrow

The offer for Poland is treated by the consortium very seriously. Upon all the reasons mentioned above – as a potential buyer – we are important for achieving a production success by the program, but also Poland is the first place for MEADS vs Patriot rivalry in history. The consortium is aware of its rising […]Read More »

Interview With Gregory Kee

Interview printed in the April issue of Europäische Sicherheit und Technik, a leading German trade magazine. Interview with Gregory Kee, General Manager NAMEADSMA (NATO Medium Extended Air Defence Design and Development, Production and Logistics Management Agency), Huntsville Alabama Q. In letters to U.S. defense officials, defense leaders of Germany and Italy have stressed the importance […]Read More »

U.S. Military Needs Improved Missile Defense Technology

For the last decade, the U.S. military and most of the national security hierarchy justifiably have been focused on winning the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. But the world has not remained static during this period. Iran and North Korea have made significant improvements to their nuclear programs and various delivery capabilities. The United States […]Read More »

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