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The Truth about MEADS – Again

This week, a taxpayer lobbyist group and other critics renewed their campaign to discredit MEADS. Their assertions about MEADS are just wrong. Previously, they opposed a $400M budget allocation to complete the 9-year MEADS development contract, but they have been unconcerned about a plan to waste $850M to develop a new radar for the 40-year-old […]Read More »

MEADS Can Offer New Capabilities

(MI President Dave Berganini recently responded to an article in Roll Call that argued for continuing to base U.S. Army AMD on 40-year-old systems. It appears at http://www.rollcall.com/news/meads_can_offer_new_capabilities_letter_to_the_editor-230466-1.html) We take issue with retired Maj . Gen. Francis Mahon’s view that Patriot should remain the foundational element of Army air and missile defense capability (“Envisioning the […]Read More »

Stepping Stones

Throughout the Pentagon, budget planners continue to evaluate how to implement a smaller FY14 budgetRead More »

Dollars and Sense in Army Air and Missile Defense

Throughout the Pentagon, budget planners continue to evaluate how to implement a smaller FY14 budgetRead More »

MI President’s Letter to the MEADS Employee Team

In a flight test in November last year, the MEADS program again demonstrated capabilities that expand the range and protection of ground-mobile air and missile defense systems.Read More »

Setting the Record Straight on MEADS

Despite readily accessible information about the success and capabilities of the Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS), an ongoing campaign by the Citizens Against Government Waste lobby group continues to distort the published accomplishments of the programRead More »

MEADS Test Success Provides Clear Alternative to Patriot Modernization

On November 29th at White Sands Missile Range, a first-ever over-the-shoulder engagement of an air-breathing target proved the Medium Extended Air Defense System’s 360-degree defense capability.Read More »

MEADS: Needed Performance

Jeffrey Starr’s commentary in the Oct. 22 issue of Defense News, “Funding Concerns Mean It’s Time to End MEADS,” offers an inaccurate analysis of the Medium Extended Air Defense System’s performance, cost, and international importance.Read More »

Cost Numbers Favor MEADS, Not Patriot

Donald Koehler’s article (Congress Must Clean Up MEADS Mess, The Hill, 7 September) fails to account for the essential operational improvements and cost savings that will come from continuing to develop the Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS). Read More »

Taxpayers and Soldiers Both Need MEADS Protection

Although the Senate Appropriations Committee recommended FY 2013 funding for the Medium Extended Air Defense (MEADS) program last week, we expect that Patriot supporters will try to muddy the facts.Read More »

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