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Assessing 360-Degree Radars for AMD

By Dave Berganini President, MEADS International Since 2014, news releases and interviews have touted Raytheon’s company-funded 360-degree radar concept for the Patriot Missile System. Is it as good as it sounds? Only MEADS has successfully developed, integrated, and system-tested 360-degree air and missile defense radars – under contract and to the specifications of three NATO […]Read More »

MEADS Cost Savings

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Poland’s Rocket Dilemma

By Dave Berganini, Rzeczpospolita daily, Sept. 15, 2015 The MEADS system is Patriot Next Generation’s real competitor in the development of Poland’s shield – writes MEADS International president Dave Berganini In April this year, Raytheon’s Patriot was selected as the basis for Poland’s Wisla medium-range air defense system. In June, Germany announced that MEADS would be […]Read More »

Putting Raytheon’s Wisła Claims to the Test

By Dave Berganini President, MEADS International We have reviewed the article published 13 April in Rzeczpospolita by Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems Vice President John P. Baird. Mr. Baird attempts to scold Dr. Karkoszka by saying “during such an important program like the Wisła, it is extremely important that all sides have the most recent data, […]Read More »

Strength Through Partnership

Remarks by Martin J. Coyne Director AMD Business Development, Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control The Berlin Security Conference Berlin, Germany December 2, 2014  Good afternoon. On behalf of the Lockheed Martin Corporation, it is our pleasure to be part of this year’s Berlin Security Conference. Today represents our first participation in this conference and […]Read More »

MEADS is a Very Real Option for Missile Defense

(MI President Dave Berganini recently responded to an article in the Washington Examiner that accused MEADS of being a paper system. It appears at http://washingtonexaminer.com/meads-is-a-very-real-option-for-missile-defense/article/2548350 ) In his Washington Examiner article of 6 May (Now Is No Time for the U.S. to be a Missile Defense Paper Tiger), John Hulsman spends a lot of time […]Read More »

The Truth about MEADS – Again

This week, a taxpayer lobbyist group and other critics renewed their campaign to discredit MEADS. Their assertions about MEADS are just wrong. Previously, they opposed a $400M budget allocation to complete the 9-year MEADS development contract, but they have been unconcerned about a plan to waste $850M to develop a new radar for the 40-year-old […]Read More »

MEADS Can Offer New Capabilities

(MI President Dave Berganini recently responded to an article in Roll Call that argued for continuing to base U.S. Army AMD on 40-year-old systems. It appears at http://www.rollcall.com/news/meads_can_offer_new_capabilities_letter_to_the_editor-230466-1.html) We take issue with retired Maj . Gen. Francis Mahon’s view that Patriot should remain the foundational element of Army air and missile defense capability (“Envisioning the […]Read More »

Stepping Stones

Throughout the Pentagon, budget planners continue to evaluate how to implement a smaller FY14 budgetRead More »

Dollars and Sense in Army Air and Missile Defense

Throughout the Pentagon, budget planners continue to evaluate how to implement a smaller FY14 budgetRead More »

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